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Sonnesgade 11
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Sonnesgade 11 is a multi use office building in Aarhus, Denmark. The building is designed by local architects SLETH who also inhabit the building's first floor. The building sits on top of a former industrial site in direct connection with the railway and close to the former Aarhus Freight Yard, Godsbanen. The architecture of the building takes clues from its past and surroundings, producing an eclectic modernist appearance that changes from every angle.

Sonnesgade 11 mixes the private and public. The ground floor of the building is a restaurant and on both sides it is flanked by public plazas. The building is simultaniously an event space, a work place, a dining experience and a recreational urban space. If you are interested in visiting the building or hosting an event here, please feel free to contact us.

SLETH is an architecture office working within the field of architecture, urbanism and landscape design. SLETH's approach to practice can be described as architectural planning – bridging the gap between progressive urban visions and consistent quality in the design realisation. SLETH is lead and owned by architects Søren Leth and Rasmus Therkildsen.

SLETH maintains an international approach to practice, participating in international competitions, venues, exhibitions and academia. Since 2009, SLETH has won numerous international competitions and awards, including the Copenhagen Northharbour Masterplan, Europan 12 and Tønder Townhall. The office is currently working on the realisation of Æggepakkeriet, a housing development by the Aarhus Freight Yard, and Bassin 7, two courtyard houses on Aarhus Ø.


BETA is a restaurant, a culinary laboratory, a private dining experience, and a food consultancy. BETA is the beating heart of Sonnesgade 11, providing both food to it's inhabitants and inviting the city to come inside for unique culinary experiences. BETA can be booked for private events, where the chefs will prepare an evening or a day specifically for you. For BETA it is important that the guests take active part in the preparation of the meals and walk away with a new perspective on food. BETA also hosts themed events drawing on inspiration from kitchens around the world.


Founded in 1980 Systime has produced multimedia based, educational material for the upper secondary level since 1984. The long term multimedia focus has led to a strategy of database production and publishing in 2008. A strategy chosen to meet the challenges of educational publishing – such as a need for updates due to continuously revised curricula and societal changes. By now Systime is the most advanced publishing house with regard to digital, educational material in Denmark.


Filo is a new danish publishing house based in Aarhus. The word "Filo" means "the love of something." For Filo that something is the love of books. Filo publishes general educational litterature to a broad audience. Filo believes that people are interested in gaining knowledge and expanding their horizons. In a noisy world of quick likes, clicks and fake news, Filo believes in the need for basic knowledge and a need to learn. Filo intends to enlighten, to communicate, to enrich, to tell great and exciting stories, and to participate in public discourse.


Photographs by Rasmus Hjortshøj / COAST Studio